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Filmtools Medium Weight Vacuum / Suction Cup Camera Car Mount Starter Kit is a professional quality kit made from our own custom components. With this starter kit you can achieve professional quality moving vehicle shots. The suction cup base will not damage your vehicle when taking the mount kit on or off, and you can easily modify your Filmtools Medium Weight Vacuum / Suction Cup Camera Car Mount Starter Kit to fit your individual shot needs. This kit comes with all the essential elements needed for car mounted shots. Of course, you can always add onto the Filmtools Medium Weight Vacuum / Suction Cup Camera Car Mount Starter Kit to get even more advanced vehicle shots.

The Car Camera Mount kit consists of:

  • One cheese plate: 7.5" x 10" x 3/8" (Camera platform).
  • Six Matthews full-sized 2.5" Grip Heads
  • Three Stainless Steel Rods. 5/8" x 12"
  • Six 5/8" Aluminum Studs with 3/8-16" hole
  • Three 6" Cups w/ 3/8-16" stud
  • One Safety Tie-Down Strap
  • Three 3/8-16 Countersunk Allen Bolts
  • One 3/8-16 Camera Tie Down Bolt
  • One Pelican 1520 Case with Dividers
  • Weight 16.00 Pounds

You can mount a camera directly to the plate and adjust the plate to the angle you want. Finally, a professional automotive camera mount kit is available for anyone who needs to make Major Studio shots from car and boat exteriors. Filmtools has packaged our own products, 5/8" standard grip hardware and vacuum cps to create the first professional car mount kits of their kind. Now that we've been selling these, we are noticing some inferior products attempting to compete with be aware and pay attention. Insist on a car mount by Filmtools

With our camera mounting system, your custom camera mount installations are limited only by your imagination. Each 6" cup, when mounted on a horizontal surface, can hold seventy vertical pounds. When combining them in triangular arrangements, the load factor is staggering; 210 pounds. For safety's sake, when mounting the cups on a vertical surface we derate a standard 3-cup-mount to 50 pounds total.

The kit is designed for prosumer lightweight video cameras and camcorders, and for professional videographers and 16mm cinematographers as well. Owners have found a new freedom since they don't have to hire grips and their heavy-duty equipment just to rig a camera on an automobile. An average car mount takes less than ten minutes to set up, saving valuable production time.