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Our Full-Size Ball Head is designed to support all professional motion picture cameras, fully outfitted with zoom lenses and 1000' magazines, like the Arricam and Panaflex. It's also perfect for full sized 2/3" HD-CAMS as well. The top mounting plate has a 3/8" slot that will accept two mounting bolts when using a standard Arri Sliding Base. The 3/8" thick cheese plate measures 10" x 10" and has 3/8" clearance holes drilled at 1" centers...which means there is a mounting hole spaced 1" away from one-another. Weight: 8.75 pounds

Some of the photos show an 11.5" Arri Base Plate attached (to give the mount some scale). It is not included.

Photos 4 & 5 show the plate with 5/8" studs in all four corners, and rigged as a car-mount.

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